Life art of vfx article

Here’s a great article on artofvfx discussing ILM londons work on the 10,000 frame opening shot of Life. I was the paint lead on on this sequence. There was a lot of wires. Advertisements

Dr Strange Timewarp sequence 

A couple of great vids on Industrial Light & Magic’s time warp action sequence at the end of Dr Strange, which was my first lead artist credit. There’s some fantastic breakdowns in here. 

ILM Reveals Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Most Complicated Visual Effects

Here’s a link to a great article interviewing Scott Pritchard (one of our 2d supervisors at ILM London) about some of our shots on The Force Awakens – there’s a couple I worked… Continue reading

Visual Effects BAFTA for Star Wars the force awakens 

Huzzah ILM won the visual effects BAFTA! So proud to have been a part of this film.

Inside the Visual Effects of Force Awakens

Im so proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic film! Here’s an article from Wired, with Mike Seymour on some of ILM’s VFX behind the film. There’s… Continue reading

First film credit!!

I’ve just been to see Paddington and had a wonderful surprise at the end (and no not that the movie was good – it always was going to be!), my first film credit!… Continue reading

Ireland Coast – Matte Painting

I decided to do some matte painting using some of the pics I took whilst in Ireland. Here’s one done using one of the pics taken whilst on the coast. It’s quite similar… Continue reading

Photography – Ireland Trip

I went on a short holiday to Ireland during October, with the idea of seeing Dublin for the first time as well as visiting a number of the Game of Thrones filming locations… Continue reading

CG Student Awards 2014

I got a great shout out from CG Student Awards after winning an internship at Double Negative through them this Summer! Very appreciative!

Corfe Castle Matte Painting.

Well its been a while since my last update due to a very hectic start to year 3 at Bournemouth University. I have assignments coming at me from all directions it seems, and… Continue reading